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    Back To Ashes Build 10587298

    In Back To Ashes, the reality in which the protagonist is located is threatened with complete destruction. Therefore, in order to prevent this, he will have to go on a journey through parallel realities in order to repel the onslaught of dark forces. Under the control of the gamer will be a warrior in heavy knightly armor, who will have his own fighting style. The user will be able to make their own adjustments, picking up equipment.

    In Back To Ashes, the reality in which the protagonist is located is threatened with complete destruction. Therefore, in order to prevent this, he will have to go on a journey through parallel realities in order to repel the onslaught of dark forces. Under the control of the gamer will be a warrior in heavy knightly armor, who will have his own fighting style. The user will be able to make their own adjustments, picking up equipment and supplying the character with new blades.

    The very gameplay of Back To Ashes is to explore the locations of each next dimension. Depending on where the character is located, the environment will take on a different look, ranging from dungeons and castles to dense forests and dungeons. But this is not so important against the background of what opponents may turn out to be. In addition to people, the warrior will have to face demons, dark magicians, skeletons and other creatures. They can inflict damage of a different nature, so it is important to take into account the peculiarities of their behavior and choose the appropriate tactics for a fight. Thanks to the rolls and the ability to run faster, you can dodge targeted attacks, as well as attacks in an area, preventing fatal damage from being dealt. To make things easier, you can use relics. They are scattered around the worlds in random places, and with their receipt, some characteristics of the character will increase. You can activate relics through the inventory, which also displays armor, weapons and other available items.

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