FAQ — Most important Questions and Answers. Here in this article FAQ (frequently asked questions) are collected the most important and relevant questions and answers to them, which will help solve most of the problems associated with the process of download games, installing, as well as problems with launching games. Below is a list of questions, to find out the answer to your question, just go to the article indicated in the text.

What To Do When Your Game Won’t Start

  • There are cases when, after following all the instructions that were indicated in the article with the game, the game still did not start. There may be several reasons why this happened, in order to solve this problem, you need to reed the article: «What To Do When Your Game Won’t Start». There are a large number of solutions to the problem with starting the game, the problem can be banal and not complicated.

How to Unzip game archive

  • Game files are packaged in several types (.iso, .exe, .zip or .rar), one of which is  Archive. This is the easiest way to compress files as much as possible and provide an assembly ready for the game, which is enough to unpack to your hard drive and run the executable file. If you have any difficulties with unpacking the archive, just read the detailed instructions: «How to Unzip game archive». It indicates how to unpack the game archives, as well as how to do it.

How to Turn off Defender antivirus protection

  • The very first rule before you start downloading any games is toTurn off Defender antivirus protection in the Windows  system. A full-time defender with a 99% probability will delete important files for launching games, even at the download stage: «How to Turn off Defender antivirus protection».

How to Download game on SkidrowUnlocked project

  • Sometimes users of the «SkidrowUnlocked» project have problems with the process of Download games, this is a simple process, but in this article «How to download game» it will be described step by step so that there are no additional questions. Difficulties can be primarily due to the format of the downloaded file, basically all games are not provided by direct links, we do not store electronic copies on the server, you can download  games torrent, and for this you need a special program.

How to Update the game

  • Our portal «SkidrowUnlocked.com» regularly publishes many games for pc, as well as new update files for them. If the developers have updated their game and added important bug fixes to the game, we will monitor the latest updates and flash them in the same article as the main game. That is, there is no need to look for anything elsewhere, all important information, including links to the main game and updates to it, will be in one place. Updates to the game are different, «how to update the game» so the method of installing them will also be different.

How to Mount ISO game file

  • The .ISO file format is one of the most popular in the field of games. Game files of such release groups: SKIDROW, CODEX, PLAZA, FLT, DOGE, DARKSiDERS, TiNYiSO are packed into it. You can find out «How to Mount ISO game file». You can find many tools to work with these images, and Windows 10 allows you to mount ISO files without the need for additional software.