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How to update the game

Our portal «» regularly publishes many games for pc, as well as new update files for them. If the developers have updated their game and added important bug fixes to the game, we will monitor the latest updates and flash them in the same article as the main game. That is, there is no need to look for anything elsewhere, all important information, including links to the main game and updates to it, will be in one place. Updates to the game are different, so the method of installing them will also be different.

How many parts does a game update have?

  • In most cases, game update files have only one part and you don’t need to download multiple parts of the same update. However, this rule only applies to small updates up to 500 MB in size.
    updates game
  • If the game update files are larger than 1 GB or more, then such updates are divided into several parts, they will all need to be downloaded and unzipped step by step before the installation process.

How to Download and Install Update

  1. Find the link to the update files for the game (located at the bottom of the page, next to the link to the main game).
  2. Click on the link and go to the files repository (they can be many different) where you can download the update.
  3. There are many file repositories, but the principle is the same for all of them, you need to find the «download» button and click on it, then save the update files for the game to your hard drive.
  4. After downloading the update files for the game to your hard drive, you need to unzip them.
  5. After unpacking, there will usually be two folders, the first is «Update» and the second is «Crack».
  6. Everything in the first «Update» → copy files to the folder where the game is installed → with the replacement of files. Everything in the second folder «Crack» → copy files to the game folder.
  7. Sometimes it happens that the update files, archive can have a password, be careful, the password will always be indicated under the links to the update files, or in the comments below.
  8. It happens that the update files will not be in the archive, but will be in the installer (.exe), this is an easier way to install.
  9. Start the installation wizard and follow its instructions.

You can watch video tutorial

  • Below is a video that shows how to unpack the archive with updates to the game, as well as how to install them.
How to update the game